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guest management - Welcome to Cologne!

Cologne on the Rhine is one of the oldest cities in Germany. The foundation goes back to the Roman general Julius Caesar, who founded the city around 19 BC. This makes the city one of the oldest and most important in Germany.

The most important sight is without a doubt the cathedral, consequently the third largest church in the world! Built on the foundations of a pagan temple, the cathedral, after many extensions, still has a special atmosphere.
Hardly anyone knows that the three wise men are buried in the cathedral here in Cologne
A visit to the roofs of the cathedral, for example, is unforgettable, or we go underground: around 20 m below today's ground level, you can wander through the ancient sewer system, which was built by the Romans 2000 years ago.

But also the historic old town is worth seeing. Despite the destruction during WW2, it was rebuilt according to historical models and still attracts millions of visitors.

In addition, Cologne is now considered a city of media and shopping. The agency Cultour will be happy to organize a day trip with you to one of the most fascinating communities in Germany.

The following special tours through Cologne for example, have been developed and successfully carried out in recent years:

  • Guided tour with beer tasting

  • Special guided tours for families with children

  • Cologne in WW2

  • Medieval castles in the surrounding countryside